Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Petteway Family Reunion

The direct descendents of George Washington and Cecilia Ann White Petteway, both Former Slaves, held their family reunion recently on the grounds of the Edney Primative Baptist Church School house.

The Primative Baptist Church and school was established ca. 1872, by George W. Petteway, fellow Former Slaves and local White citizens of Richlands, Onslow County, North Carolina. Since 1872, a Petteway family member has cared for the land and buildings.

In early 1960s, the Edney church was destroyed along with a portion of the school house. Dalton Odell Petteway, Grandson of G.W. and Cecilia Petteway, has cared for the church and school house since returning from his WWII era tour of duty in the U.S. Army.

There are scant "official" records for the Edney Primative Baptist Church and school house. By chance, if a reader has material dealing with this subject, please contact me. The School house was in continuous operation from ca.1872 to late 1950, when National education policies were changed.

Some of the Petteway family members who once attended the Edney Primative Baptist Church School house. Framed photograph depicts the school house prior to 1960 Hurricane damage.

Today, the remaining portion of the Edney School house still stands on the grounds where it was built. Due to severe damage caused by the 1960 era Hurricane, the church was evetually torn down and replaced, by Odell Petteway, with a new cinder-block style building. This new church is still being used for church, education and family gatherings.

Dalton Odell Petteway, Grandson of G.W. & Cecilia Ann Petteway, received the Petteway family "Hero Award," for his life-long dedication in protecting the Edney Primative Baptist church and School house.

Framed picture, being held by Ms. Shelia Blue, is a re-discovered image of the original Endney School house, ca. 1935.

Someone, somewhere, may have material dealing with the Edney Primative Baptist Church and school. Before the Petteway's next family reunion, hopefully, more of their Heritage can be rediscovered and presented to them--for their continued dedication in preserving our local & family histories.