Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~~Back of images are fun to explore, too

While on a recent trip to Upper New York I went "picking" through some old "antique" shops. I found some nice old photographs. Some have a patient stamp of ca.1889.

When storing photographs for future generations, take a few minutes and write, on the back of each image, vital information. The traditional: who; what; where and when, would be the best inscription.

Take a look at the fine advertisement on the back of the image below. Notice that someone, at some time, wrote the name "Clay Nutting."

If you happen to know this fine gentleman who may have lived in the towns mentioned on the back of his photograph, send me a note.
Best wishes on your adventures.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday~~John M. Robinson; Upper New York State

I took a short trip to Upper New York to visit my family & look around my old hangouts in various small county villiages. One day, I visited my father's grave. He died March 1980.

Here are two images of his grave site.

John M. Robinson, Pvt.; U.S. Army; WWII

My father was a Volunteer Fireman.
He worked many years for Kraft Foods in Canton, New York.
He loved to bowl and after he became ill, enjoyed using "CB" & play pinball.