Thursday, May 27, 2010

Broken headstones need some help

The Half Moon Cemetery, est. c.1875, has been neglected for decades. Through Resurrection Mission this endangered cemetery has been in the process of being stabilized, for the past sixteen months. Nearly all of the original grave makers/headstones, out of an estimated sixty, are either missing or shattered into many pieces by vandals.

Listed below are three severly damaged headstones. One, Edgar Parker, a Civil War Veteran who served with honor, has his headstone broken into multiple small pieces. His wife's, Nancy, was broken in the same manner. Some pieces of their headstones were located yards from their graves.

The third grave belongs to Edward James, son of Oliver & Mary Eliza Pittman; born November 16, 1870 & died September 10, 1915.

In the near future, replacement grave markers will be made. Due to the severe damage; the scripture on each of these three headstones are beyond reading, and in turn, unable to be transcribed completely.

Feel free to leave a comment as to the possible words within the scriptures for these three grave markers. Any assistance will help in providing a more precise replacement for these headstones.

Best wishes and thanks again for reviewing my sites.

(Above) Edgar Parker's shattered headstone

(Below) Nancy Parker's broken headstone.

(Above) Edward Pittman's upper piece of headstone

(Below) Edward Pittman's headstone base
To learn more about Resurrection Mission visit: "Protecting endangered cemeteries"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday~Cowell family cemetery

Cowell Family cemetery, Jacksonville, N.C. & is located within the Deerfield subdivision; surrounded by "urban sprawl." Nearly all of the oldest headstones, dating to the late 19th century, were damaged by vandals. Cemetery was established ca.1880.

Here are some images of my work at repairing headstones.

{Images taken by Cindy Wozniak-award winning photographer}