Saturday, April 03, 2010

Surname Saturday~~ Williford and Futrell

Williford and Futrell are the two primary surnames from within the most recent endangered cemetery cared for through Resurrection Mission.

This graveyard is located directly next to swampy farm land in Catherine Lake region of Richlands, N.C. The property is currently owned by a New York City organization but, unaware that there is a cemetery on the land that is being sold for developement.

Issue at hand is: over the many generations some descendents altered the spelling of both surnames. Futrell, for example, can be found as Futrall, Futrill and Futrelle. Williford has the second vowel in the surname changed to either e or, a.

Goal at hand is: find the location of Nelson Willaford's grave. He was a Civil War veteran (CSA) buried somewhere within the cemetery grounds, which is encrusted with briar bush, over-growth of foliage and being covered by storm swamp waters by at least three severe hurricans.

If viewers of this blog have knowledge of this cemetery or, can confirm the location of the Civil War Veteran, please contact me. Photos are also a great addition to any research project.

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