Sunday, January 18, 2009

Contest and assistance is needed

Hello to all,

I have come up against a brick wall on my most recent find in regards to my cemetery preservation project. I was taken last week to a remote part of our county where a developer located an old Caucacian cemetery on a new plot of land he had recently purchased. He wanted me to walk through and then determine the actual size of his cemetery.

While there he pointed out a wooden grave marker, leaning against an old pine tree and stated that it was believed the grave stake belonged to a Slave who was buried behind the cemetery. To date, to my knowledge, there has been no Slave graves confirmed within Onslow County. There are numerous "former slaves" graves who died after the War Between the States (WBS) but, none have been confirmed as being a slave grave (dying pre-WBS).

Here is my dilemma. The image below shows the slave's grave marker (Jack) leaning against the tree. You will notice that the top line of the metal plate has been whitened. This area has a word, or phrase, stensiled into the plate and I can not read the letters. The remaining words are visable, "in God we trust Jack."

I am offering a signed copy of my book, "Captain Otway Burns and His Ship Snap Dragon" to the person who can identify the top row of lettering on the Jack's grave marker metal plate (USA residents only). I hope the offer of my book will be an accentive to help with my cemetery preservation project.

I am now associated with a "Not-For-Profit" cemetery preservation organization homebased in Florida. If you know of anyone who would like to make a financial donation please give them this site's address. People can also make a monatary donation through PayPal (use

Bye for now,