Sunday, December 03, 2006

Update on book promotion

My first book, Captain Otway Burns And His Ship Snap Dragon, has seen a continuous growth in sales over the past six months. Not less than three more confirmed direct descendents have been identified through book signing events. Lectures and newspaper articles have also been a highlight in promoting the adventurous life of Captain Burns.

Currently, I am conducting historical research on the earliest years of three southeastern North Carolina towns: Richlands, Swansboro, and Topsail Island (numerous small villages). So far I have located official documents that state that their histories, in part, date back to c.1720. I am looking for photographs and documents pre-1900s. If you have some let me know, I can copy them for my research.

My first short story, Simbar : Freed Slave; Witness to WWII, based in part on local southeastern history, is currently being reviewed by an editor. The first of three parts, the book will cover the life of a southeastern slave freed during the War Between the States (American Civil War), joins the Union Army fighting against southern views, and then returns to southeastern North Carolina after the war. He lived to be over one hundred years old and in his life he experienced an array of social changes within the United States.

Be on the lookout for the first part of this short story coming out in late January 2007.


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